Struggling During the Covid-19 Crisis

6 August 2020

If you are struggling to access support and don’t have enough money for food  

Allow us to bless you and come to the foodbank 

We are open on Monday, 2 – 4pm or Wednesday 1 – 3pm or Friday 1 – 3pm 

If you have not managed to access a voucher from one of 84 front line agencies bring – 

Some proof of your name and address and identification for the number of adults and children. 

Plus, proof of crisis. (if you can access this) 

We will ask you to complete a voucher telling us the reason for your need, for example low income, unemployment, benefit delays, wage delays, debt, ill health, homelessness 

When you have completed the voucher with our onsite assessor, we will bless you with 3 days food for your family pet food and toiletries if needed and treats and maybe toys for your children. 

If needed, we can also suggest agencies where you might find long term support. 

Allow us to bless you at your point of crisis and invite you to the Foodbank 

Brian Hanbury 07816 872561 


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